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Ft Myers High School Senior Photographer

We have a Ft Myers High School Senior Photographer that can capture an important life memory with beautiful photos. Those high school years are a once in a life time experience and should be recorded in a way to remember them for many years to come. We can take portraits in our studio where we have many backgrounds to choose from. We can also go to favorite locations such as the beach, city scenes, park, etc. Sam, our photographer, is a very experienced and professional who works in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. He believes that when photography subjects are relaxed and having a good time that their pictures will be more natural and portray the subject more to their true self.

Photo Manipulation

We understand that as a teenager some temporary blemishs are unwanted in your photos. PBS Photography Studio Ft Myers can help with our photo manipulation services at your request. Also available through our design team are photo albums and other items you may desire for yourself, family, and friends.

Helpful Tips

To read about great tips for your photography session please go to our Photography Helpful Tips page.

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